User-friendliness and ease of use underlie the productivity of a formwork system. With only 14 modular elements, FIGURA is the most flexible and clever system currently on the market.




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FACILE is the innovative connection system of FIGURA formwork.


  • INTUITIVE – Easy assembling and logistics.
  • QUICK – It is applied in a few seconds thanks to a carpenter’s hammer.
  • SAFE – Built with high-stress resistant forged steel.


Unico is the universal panel that allows to build reinforced concrete pillars from 20 to 60 cm.


UNICO panels are assembled with FACILE universal joint.


UNICO is perfectly compatible with any other elements and panels of the system.



With FIGURA system, only few simple elements are needed to realize corners with wall depth from 10 to 50 cm.


Needed components:


  • FIGURA standard panels
  • UNICO panel
  • Corner element


The colour inspires visibility, strength and feelings, and allows the product to stand out.


In order to express its own industrial and cultural identity, FIGURA formwork can be customized with a vast range of colours.


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